Do I need a 4K monitor to apply 4K Preset in Furmark?

Started by dustar1986, April 30, 2019, 04:55:09 PM

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I'm wondering if I need a 4K monitor to use 4K preset in Furmark. When I chose 4K preset and run stress test regardless "full screen" checked or not, I got an error "could not switch to full screen. please choose another resolution". Is that because my current monitor is 2K only? If I chose 2K preset, can I still push 2080TI to its thermal limit? The purpose of this test is to investigate how to arrange 2080TI and another GPU in the chassis to get optimal cooling. Thanks.


Yes, in the current FurMark 1.x, you need a 4k desktop resolution to run the P2160 preset.

Yes even in 1280x1024 you can overheat your GPU. No need a high resolution. If you want to reach the max power consumption / GPU temp, dont' forget to set the power target to the max (like 120% TDP or more depending on your card).


Thank you JeGX. I took your advice and it works.