Author Topic: Radeon GPU Analyzer 2.1 released (Vulkan, Direct3D, OpenGL and OpenCL)  (Read 966 times)

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The Radeon GPU Analyzer (RGA) is an offline compiler and code analysis tool for DirectX shaders, OpenGL shaders, Vulkan shaders and OpenCL kernels.

Radeon GPU Analyzer is a compiler and code analysis tool for Vulkan, DirectX, OpenGL and OpenCL. Using this product, you can compile source code for a variety of AMD GPUs and APUs, independent from the GPU/APU that is physically installed on your system, and generate GCN ISA disassembly, intermediate language disassembly, performance statistics and static analysis reports for each target platform.

This product can be used to produce the following output:
- AMD GPU ISA disassembly for different GCN generations
- Intermediate langauge disassebly: AMDIL, HSAIL, DX ASM for DirectX shaders, LLVM IR for ROCm OpenCL, SPIR-V for Vulkan
- Compiled binaries
- Performance statistics
- Live register analysis (see for more info)
- Control-Flow graphs
- Build errors and warnings

The RGA package contains both a GUI app and a command-line exectuable.

The supported platforms by the GUI app are:
- Vulkan - GLSL/SPIR-V as input, together with the Vulkan pipeline state, through AMD's Vulkan driver
- OpenCL - AMD's LLVM-based Lightning Compiler for ROCm

The supported platforms by the command-line tool are:
- D3D11
- OpenCL - AMD's LLVM-based Lightning Compiler for ROCm (-s rocm-cl)
- OpenCL - Legacy compiler (-s cl)
- OpenGL
- Vulkan - Compilation of GLSL/SPIR-V together with the API's pipeline state, using AMD's Vulkan driver
- Offline Vulkan - Using a static compiler, accepts GLSL/SPIR-V as input. Note that the this mode is about to be removed from RGA. To ensure that the results that RGA provides are accurate and reflect the real-life case, please use the new Vulkan live driver mode (which is also supported in the GUI application).


Radeon GPU Analyzer