Author Topic: (NVIDIA) Practical Real Time Ray Tracing With RTX (DX12, Vulkan)  (Read 1685 times)

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RTX introduces an exciting and fundamental shift in the way lighting systems work in games and applications. In this video series, NVIDIA Engineers Martin-Karl Lefrancois and Pascal Gautron help you get started with real-time ray tracing. You’ll learn how data and rendering is managed, how acceleration structures and shaders work, and what new components are needed for your pipeline. We’ll also include key slides from the presentation on which this video series is based.

- Part 1: Ray Tracing: An Overview
- Part 2: Data and Rendering
- Part 3: RTX Acceleration Structures
- Part 4: Ray Tracing Shaders
- Part 5: Ray Tracing Pipeline
- Part 6: Additional Help

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