Filament - Physically-based rendering (PBR) engine

Started by JeGX, August 06, 2018, 11:05:55 AM

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Filament is a physically based rendering (PBR) engine for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows. This rendering engine was designed to be as small as possible and as efficient as possible on Android. The goal of Filament is to offer a set of tools and APIs for Android developers that will enable them to create high quality 2D and 3D rendering with ease.

- Native C++ API for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows
- Java/JNI API for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows

- OpenGL 4.1+ for Linux, macOS and Windows
- OpenGL ES 3.0+ for Android
- Vulkan 1.0 for Android, Linux, macOS (with MoltenVk) and Windows

- Clustered forward renderer
- Cook-Torrance microfacet specular BRDF
- Lambertian diffuse BRDF
- HDR/linear lighting
- Metallic workflow
- Clear coat
- Anisotropic lighting
- Approximated translucent (subsurface) materials (direct and indirect lighting)
- Cloth shading
- Normal mapping & ambient occlusion mapping
- Image-based lighting
- Physically-based camera (shutter speed, sensitivity and aperture)
- Physical light units
- Point light, spot light and directional light
- ACES-like tone-mapping
- Temporal dithering
- Dynamic resolution (on Android)