Interesting behaviour using the Furmark tool.

Started by Sinister, February 23, 2019, 04:58:30 AM

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While trying to see how far I could overclock my integrated graphics card, I noticed that at 1350mhz it was unstable and at 1400mhz it just didn't seem to work(it would hit 1400mhz for a split second then back to 0mhz) according to the intel extreme tuning utility monitor but my PC would spike in temperature. I wasn't really sure what was going on so I downloaded Furmax to see if it really wasn't working or if the intel monitor was acting up.
So using Furmax I tried a stress test on base values, worked fine. Then I proceeded to crank it up to 1400mhz and added a voltage offset of... (either 0.010 or 0.020) and tried the stress test again. Furmax crashed entirely so I thought well that's it then isn't it but I wanted to be sure so I cranked the offset to 0.030 and while Furmax did freeze while trying to render the graphics for the stress test, it didn't crash and reported a score that's out of this world for an iGPU. Clearly not an accurate report sure but I'm not actually sure what's going on with the iGPU at this frequency. Any insight is appreciated. Oh and... maybe the false report when running an unresponsive GPU should be fixed too.


Thanks, I will try to do something to detect wrong scores, don't know what, but I will try.

And it's FurMarK not Furmax   ;)