Furmark 1.20 crash on windows 2012 R2

Started by gtherrien, June 22, 2018, 09:35:42 PM

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the system have Windows 2012 R2 on a dual socket system.
1 1080TI  is installed with CPU 1 and 1 1080TI is installed with CPU 2.

if the benchmark is running on:
                                     GPU1 on CPU1, no issue
                                     GPU1 on CPU2, furmark crash after 20 minutes.
if the GPU1 on CPU 1 is removed, the GPU1 on CPU 2 has no issue.



Not an easy answer... A PSU-related issue maybe?


i have same issue on 2 model of system. they are using 2000W on 208v.
3d mark and passmark burnin dont have any issue.