NVIDIA Bindless Textures Demo

Started by gtx660, October 01, 2018, 01:48:05 PM

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I would like to translate code from GXL_NV_Bindless_Texture_Demo.xml to standard C/C++ language.

For example instructions like HYP_UniformBuffer.SetArrayElement_u64_BindlessTexture_NV, and their equivalent in GLEW.

Could someone post some tips ?


HYP_UniformBuffer.SetArrayElement_u64_BindlessTexture_NV  (really awful function name!!!) has no direct equivalent in OpenGL. Actually the code creates an uniform buffer (GL_UNIFORM_BUFFER) with num_textures entries and set entries with NVIDIA texture handles (which are uint64 or ui64).  Look at the GL_NV_bindless_texture extension for more details. It's a very old demo and I no longer have all details in mind...