GeeXLab 0.48.0 released

Started by JeGX, August 10, 2022, 03:08:21 PM

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GeeXLab 0.48.0 has been released for Linux and Raspberry Pi OS platforms.
GeeXLab 0.48.1 has been released for Windows 64-bit platform.

Release notes:


QuoteVersion - 2022.08.08
! (2022.08.08) (Windows) improved audio video synchronization and seeking in FFmpeg plugin.
! (2022.08.04) (Windows) updated Python 3.10 plugin with latest Python 3.10.6.
+ (2022.08.04) (Windows only) added ini_file_read() and ini_file_write() to gh_utils.
+ (2022.08.04) added file_check() and file_create() to gh_utils.

Version - 2022.08.08
! (2022.07.31) (Windows, Linux) updated FFmpeg plugin with latest FFmpeg 5.1 SDK.
+ (2022.07.30) added support of GL_ARB_create_context_robustness, GL_ARB_create_context_no_error and
  GL_KHR_context_flush_control on Windows and Linux. New attributes in the XML window node:
  gl_context_no_error, gl_context_robustness and gl_context_release_none.
* (2022.07.30) added a workaround for OpenGL 3+ in lua/libfont1.lua and lua/libfont2.lua
  shaders to make AMD Radeon GPUs and Adrenalin 22.7.1+ happy.
! (2022.07.27) updated GPU monitoring plugin with AMD ADL 17.0.
! (2022.07.13) GPU monitoring: improved detection of Radeon GPUs.
! (2022.07.13) GPU monitoring: added support of Radeon RX 6700.
+ (2022.07.05) added new functions to gh_model: update_meshes_lists,
  render_opaque_meshes, render_transparent_meshes, get_num_opaque_meshes,
  get_num_transparent_meshes, render_opaque_mesh and render_transparent_mesh.
+ (2022.07.05) added new functions to gh_material: get_material, set_opacity, get_opacity,
  set_shininess, get_shininess, set_ambient, get_ambient, set_diffuse,
  get_diffuse, set_specular and get_specular.
+ (2022.07.04) added load_textures_v2() and load_textures_from_zip_v2() to
  gh_model with new argument to specify pixel format.
+ (2022.07.02) added NVIDIA NVML Python library to python3.


GeeXLab 0.48.2 is available for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit (GLIBC 2.31).

Release notes:


QuoteVersion - 2022.08.12
* (2022.08.12) (linux64) fixed drag and drop. Now the drag and drop
  from file managers like Thunar works fine.
! (2022.08.12) the log file is no longer cleared between demos.