Author Topic: (GDC2018) Terrain Rendering in Far Cry 5  (Read 2820 times)

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(GDC2018) Terrain Rendering in Far Cry 5
« on: March 28, 2018, 06:30:31 PM »
Here is a 155-page PDF presentation of the techniques used in Far Cry 5 to render terrains:

What I am covering will be divided into 6 sections.

First I’ll discuss how we render the terrain heightfield geometry.
I’ll start with the classic approaches that you may be familiar with.
And then I’ll discuss how we ported parts of this to a GPU pipeline.

Second I’ll discuss how we shade the resulting terrain mesh.

Then I’ll discuss shading specializations and optimizations that we made for cliffs.

After that I’ll discuss how we combined our base heightfield with additional unique

This will lead on to covering how we shade all our terrain geometry inputs in a single
screen space pass.

Finally I’ll talk about how we used the terrain data on the GPU to enhance the
rendering of other assets such as trees, grass and rocks.