NVIDIA Aftermath debugger 1.3

Started by Stefan, October 12, 2017, 04:27:17 PM

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  * NVIDIA Aftermath(Debugger) *

--- RELEASE NOTES (version 1.3) ---

o) Added ability to get more information back from GPU in event of page fault - GFSDK_Aftermath_GetPageFaultInformation.
o) Renamed GFSDK_Aftermath_Status to GFSDK_Aftermath_Device_Status - to avoid confusion with GFSDK_Aftermath_Context_Status.
o) Removing VC Runtime dependency (static linked) from non-UWP DLL (still required for UWP).
o) Increased minimum supported driver version to 387.xx
o) Separated GetData from GetDeviceState - so GetDeviceState can be polled without worrying about performance.
o) Updated how to instructions in header.
o) Added APIs to associate a commandlists/deviceContexts with Aftermath (GFSDK_Aftermath_DXxx_CreateContextHandle).
    -> Provides a nice CPU perf boost, as no longer need to lookup the internal Aftermath context.
    -> Simplifies following entrypoints, removing the per DX version ones.

o) API - Unable to export demangled, GFSDK_Aftermath_ContextData::getErrorCode() - now implemented in header.
o) Crash - Crash occured if calling SetEventMarker on a command list after resetting the allocator.
o) API - SetEventMarker now accepts a const void* - previously just a void*.
o) Functionality - D3D12 bundles previously didn't work if the bundle was "baked" (contained 4 or more draws).

o) Siginificantly reduced memory footprint of D3D12 "baked" bundles.
o) Increased the CPU performance of Aftermath for D3D11 and D3D12.

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