Furmark changed monitor colors(gamma)

Started by aazmega, August 07, 2017, 07:40:44 AM

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I used Furmark to test old GPU MSI R9 280X. Tested for 3-4 mins in fullscreen mode. Nothing bad(no artifacts or overheating). Then pressed ESC and my monitor(Dell 2408WFP) changed colors right after exiting full screen mode. Not sure how to name it correctly. Maybe it`s a gamma. But in general it looks like in hottest pixels(white or close to white) it`s now more pink, but very subtle. I see it because I`m work with 2D and 3D graphics as professional. And it`s going for 2D(like web browesing, photoshopping and other) and in 3D(3ds max, gaming). It is very annoying, because I can`t work with colors now.

It is not a graphic card bag. I plugged HDMI cable to 2 different PC rigs and one laptop. It`s work in same way for each rig.  I tried to turn off the monitor. Unplugging HDMI cable. Doesn`t work.

Please help! Right now this a very good monitor looks like a garbage for working purpose.

Thank you.


Fixed this one.
Used manual buttons on the monitor to switch preset mode->color setting mode -> graphic mode.
Never saw this was changed over 6-7 years using this monitor.


Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you found the solution!
I have a 2405FPW since at least 10 years and it works still perfectly.