Author Topic: Guru3D RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server v6.6.0 Final adds Vulkan support  (Read 6714 times)

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Version 6.6.0
  • Added Vulkan On-Screen Display, screen capture and video capture support
  • Fixed Direct3D12 function offsets cache validation algorithm in hooking system
  • Improved compatibility with Direct3D9 applications, which dynamically recreate Direct3D devices
  • Added new “Injection properties” compatibility settings section to “General” tab:
    • Added injection delay adjustment settings for delayed hooking engine. New settings are aimed to provide an alternate and easy to use way of disabling delayed injection for applications using 64-bit Steam and Origin overlays.
    • Added “Reset cache” button. The button can be used for troubleshooting to invalidate function offsets cache without reinstalling the application
  • Updated SDK:
    • Added new profile management API. Profile management API allows third party applications to read, create or modify application-specific profiles and create own built-in GUI for RivaTuner Statistics Server profile management if necessary.
    • Updated RTSSSharedMemorySample sample code. Now the sample demonstrates new profile management API usage and shows how to adjust On-Screen Display position and color in global RivaTuner Statistics Server profile from a third party application
  • Updated profiles list