PhysX game "MSTAR" (Nurien) to Be Stopped Due to High System Requirements

Started by Stefan, August 28, 2009, 12:12:14 PM

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QuoteIt's been officially announced that the operation of Mstar, a Korea-made music MMO developed by using Unreal Engine 3, is to be stopped. Thanks to its excellent game graphics, Mstar caused the attention of several game tycoons when its open beta started on Sept. 30, 2008 in China.
However, this game has faced much difficulty in popularization because of its high PC system requirements, and has to be cancelled finally. Though endowed with a powerful socialization feature, the PC system requirements of Mstar even rival that of Aion (1)

Read full story at MMOSite, also reported at TIG.

(1) Aion uses Cry Engine.