GTX 1080 boost clock stuck at low speeds after PC has been idle few days.

Started by sew333, August 02, 2016, 12:23:27 AM

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Hello. I have an some problem with my system/gpu/mobo I dont know which exactly.

At some point after having my system powered on, it often happens while the system is idle few days, my GTX 1080 becomes permanently throttled. The graphics clock is halved from a maximum of 1990-2000mhz (factory OC) to 1285mhz . When this occurs, it doesn't matter how much I load my card, be it games or other demanding applications, it does not ever go past the above caps. The only solution I have had up until now was to reboot the system .GPU-Z reports the "perfcap" reason as PWR

And I have found many topics with the same issue on internet, its one of them even with Gtx 970/980/1070/1080:

Just worried because I found topic about similiar issue here:

And reason was not stable oc. So maybe I have not stable factory OC? Also they had driver crashes from the link above, but me not, I have 0 driver crashes. And normally the event log will show the drive crash report which in my case it doesn't show.

Maybe this is different situation because my card must be idle few days and I dont have driver crash.

Any opinions ? Please help me, thank you.

6700K No Oc
16gb DDR4 Kingston Hyperx
750W Corsair RM
Asus Z170-P
SSD Crucial Bx100 256GB
Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Xtreme




I also noticed this kind of permanent downclocking with the GTX 1080. The only way to restore full clock speed was to unload / load the graphics driver (a reboot is fine). The downclocking was the result of overclocking tests with FurMark...

Gigabyte GTX 1080 XTREME is a nice card...  ;)


Try as quick work-around "nvidiaInspector.exe -restartDisplayDriver"

Judging from the discussion in NVIDIA forum the promised P-state fix ain't working as intended?
You can try to manipulate the p-states with nvidiaInspector as well.

For the technical interested P-states are documented here


i occasionally have the same problems on a GTX760...and GTX470 before that..
Stefans method works a treat! ive been doing that for a few years now.. ive made a shortcut to it, whenever i notice the clocks not being set correctly i just double click the shortcut, and everythings fixed a few seconds later


So dont rma card because of this? It happened once after when i left idle my pc for 5 days.