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Vulkan SDK Released
« on: May 05, 2016, 11:06:14 PM »
 Vulkan SDK

 May 3, 2016

This SDK supports Vulkan API revision 1.0.11.
 Issue Fixed Several virus scanners reported that the Windows Runtime Installer in SDK had a possible Trojan in the Runtime uninstaller executable UninstallVulkanRT.exe. While these were likely false positives, the tools used to build the SDK/Runtime installers and uninstallers (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) were rebuilt with different compile options, rearranging the code sufficiently to eliminate most false positives from virus scanners.
 Known issue Virus scanner Qihoo-360 indicates that the Vulkan Runtime Uninstaller is infected with HEUR/QVM20.1.0000.Malware.Gen. This appears to be a false positive.
 Last Commits The last commits for LoaderAndValidationLayers, VulkanSamples, and VulkanTools are identical to the last commits for SDK
  • LoaderAndValidationLayers 16ca691eb23071 update README to refer to COPYRIGHT.txt
  • VulkanSamples 189603c1bf3b47f misc: Fix scripts to work with new file layout and spaces in paths.
  • VulkanTools d94925d1636c doc:  add deps to
Vulkan SDK Release Notes Version for Windows April 26, 2016 This SDK supports Vulkan API revision 1.0.11.  The prior SDK supported Vulkan API revision 1.0.8.
 Overview of new features in SDK
  • loader supports ICD interface version negotiation
  • Add handle NULL checks to the parameter validation
  • Validate ONE_TIME_SUBMIT for secondary cmd buffers
  • Add drawtime validation of bound buffer memory
  • Validate correct vkSetEvent() use
  • Python lxml package is no longer required for building validation layers
  • Validate max allowed color attachments for renderpasses
  • Validate subpass attachment index is in range
This version of the SDK components are based on the following specifications and source code repositories:
  Last Commits
  • LoaderAndValidationLayers 16ca691eb23071 update README to refer to COPYRIGHT.txt
  • VulkanSamples 189603c1bf3b47f misc: Fix scripts to work with new file layout and spaces in paths.
  • VulkanTools d94925d1636c doc:  add deps to
Known Issues
  • This WSI extension is not supported: VK_KHR_display_swapchain
  • gitlab #150 VulkanRT installer should be ASLR-eligible
  • github #417 Core Validation layer - Fence are detected as in_use when vkWaitForFences and vkQueueWaitIdle are used
  • github #415 debug report tries to read from possibly stack allocated memory
  • github #414 Possible false positives in buffer memory resource lifetime tracking
  • github #411 vkQueueBindSparse() doesn't set in_use on a Fence
  • github #406 [CTS] CmdBindIndexBuffer doesn't update pCB->currentDrawData.buffers
  • github #403 [CTS] Object tracker maps need to be per device
  • github #401 MEM: Stencil attachment memory not marked as valid in render pass
  • github #374 The object tracker validation layer crashes when it is not enabled as an instance layer, but is as a device layer.
  • github #371 all validation layers need to use app provided memory allocators
  • github #370 loader needs to use object allocators passed by application for memory allocations
  • github #367 The draw state validation layer reports that a timer query from 2 frames ago is unavailable or inflight.
  • github #362 backslash in JSON loader files not properly escaped by cJSON library
  • github #356 Tracked memory of resolve attachments are not updated
  • github #335 Undefined memory tracking is not fine grained enough
  • github #328 Validation layer reports errors if memory object alias same memory
  • github #321 vkAllocateMemory not handling null pointers
  • github #319 vkCmdCopyQueryPoolResults executed from different command buffers
  • github #306 race on globalLockInitialized: it is reset after releasing the mutex lock
  • github #299 Clearly erroneous dynamic UBO offset error triggered
  • github #282 layer_validation_test failures
  • github #281 Cube -- validate with screenshot crashes on AMD/Intel Win 10
  • github #280 Cube resize stops updating image on Win 10 Intel driver
  • github #279 Samples validation errors on AMD driver
  • github #278 tri resize broken on AMD driver
  • github #275 Resizing cube causes validation errors
  • github #260 loader: Remove filtering of object init callback when calling ICDs
  • github #256 Colorblend attachment count must match subpass colorAttachmentCount
  • github #240 CoreValidation: "Blend state attachment/subpass color attachment count mismatch" should be reported at draw call time, not for vkCmdNextSubpass().
  • github #128 Memory layer: "Cannot read invalid memory X, please fill the memory before using" is incorrectly reported
  • github #103 DrawState layer: unnecesarily informs about a mismatch of the number of samples when switching to subsequent subpass
  • github #95 Build VKStatic.1 project faild on Visual Studio Ultimate 2013
  • github #90 loader: Add support for WSI VK_KHR_display_swapchain extension
  • github #54 vk_layer_validation_tests test failure
  • github #36 loader: pointer cast build warnings
  • LX#492 Validation: Add output of AspectMask to core_validation error message
  • LX#488 [SDK 1.0.8] No more validation for command buffers not freed?
  • LX#484 vktrace puts trace file in same dir as trace library if -o not specified
  • LX#483 Descriptor set dynamic offset validation is wrong
  • github #30 Handle descriptors dynamically skipped in shader
  • LX#479 False DS positive - CB 0x24bda40 was submitted with secondary buffer 0x24ca270 but that buffer has subsequently been bound to primary cmd buffer 0x24c4400
  • LX#470 Consistency on info from debug layers
  • LX#461 Draw State Layer causes error on vkCreateDescriptorPool
  • LX#404 It would be helpful if the loader would an error if a global layer is not enabled on both the instance and the device
  • LX#305 [] Validation draw state layer too slow for vkGetQueryPoolResults()
  • LX#293 [] FindVulkan.cmake
  • github #1 [VulkanTools] Running vktrace with validation enabled causes vkreplay to fail.
  • github #3 [VulkanTools] writes to device memory allocated with VK_MEMORY_PROPERTY_HOST_COHERENT_BIT are not captured
  • github #33 [VulkanTools] The trace file generated on 32bit system cannot be read by 64bit traceviewer
  • github #45 [VulkanSamples] Missing minimum CMake version in Hologram demo
  • github #75 [VulkanSamples] presentable image transition must happen only after acquire
  • github #76 [VulkanSamples] cube.c transitions swapchain image layouts without acquiring the images first
  • github #76 [VulkanSamples] CMAKE missing link directive