Demo Pack Easter 2016

Started by Stefan, March 25, 2016, 09:08:11 AM

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>>>download now<<<

contains all demos from previous packages, sort by date to catch the new ones

copy missing textures etc. from MadShaders' data folder

demos tagged WIP don't work properly for misc. reasons, see comments in XML files

tex04, tex11 and tex12 from added; cube0x, tex08 fixed (bad JPEGs failed to load in GeeXLab)

misc. media files, all under Common Creative license

MadShaders 0.4.1 - "flaring" and "am i dreaming" fixed for INTEL

misc. old shaders from IQ rebuilt against GFX03.LUA, mouse support added

some entries from Tokyo Demo fest 2016 and whatever had japanese comments at GLSLSandbox at the time
mouse support injected in "Dragon" to control camera (originally triggered by ZOOM flag)
, will do that more often in future if it makes sense

lots of video and webcam effect demos

totally more than 200 new demos since February, Notepad++ makes conversions a cake walk