How to use video texture in a GLSL Shader

Started by Stefan, February 02, 2016, 11:05:54 PM

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So i saw this nice Shadertoy demo Wrist Slitter , which consists of a Mandelbrot with video in background.

Porting to GeeXLab is pretty simple, just copy the video texture code from demo_video_player_gles2_v2.xml and use it with iChannel

The demo is preset to Timelapse-1.m4v from code sample pack, try Big Buck Bunny instead or whatever makes you happy.

As you can see i don't know how to vertical flip textures in GeeXLab  :P

Mandelbrot zooming was too fast so i patched the pixelshader

#define slowdown 20.0
    return zoomto(xy, DEST, iGlobalTime/slowdown);

change value dependent on length of video


To flip the texture in the shader, you have to play with the vec2 texture coordinates. Try something like that to flip the texture around the horizontal axis (by inversing the Y coordinate):

vec4 getColor( in vec2 xy )


if (int(iter) >= ITER_MAX)
  vec2 uv = zxy*0.25 + 0.5;
  uv.y *= -1.0;
  return texture2D(iChannel0, uv);


vec2 uv = vec2(picx, dist);
uv.y *= -1.0;
vec4 color = texture2D(iChannel0, uv);




I was hoping you already have a function in LUA (equivalent to the magic button at

Anyway i found the sweet spot in the pixelshader: simply replace iResolution.y with -iResolution.y or -1*iResolution.y
But it's only that easy in this particular shader because iResolution is split into x and y

>>>download fixed version here<<<


here is a generic flip code:

vec2(iResolution.x, -iResolution.y)

Tested in toon video shader and ascii art

I'll upload the demos later with a non-commercial video


>>>Here is a package with 13 demos<<< - d/l below

These demos use from
It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

If this 4K video crashes GeeXLab on exit or reload, use the shrunk video in the package.

Some shaders use iChannelTime[0] - to calculate the length of the video i assume

In the demos it looks like this:

uniform float iChannelTime0;
float time = iChannelTime0;
gh_gpu_program.uniform1f(shadertoy_prog, "iChannelTime0", video_elapsed_time)


>>>download updated package<<<

Note: i didn't get the 3 layers in  "Page curl effect" look right

"video heightfield" flipped via -pixel.y

"The Tender Cut [TV]" added - uses video and keyboard texture


>>>Update 3 - download now<<<

18 demos now in total

Following ports were a PITA  :P

"Page curl effect" fixed
return texture2D(iChannel0, vec2(p.x, -p.y));               // seethrough 1
vec4 color = texture2D(iChannel0, vec2(point.x, -point.y)); // seethrough 2
vec4 color = texture2D(iChannel0, vec2(point.x, -point.y)); // backside
bgColor = texture2D(iChannel0, vec2(uv.x, -uv.y)).rgga;     // background
color = texture2D(iChannel0, vec2(uv.x, -uv.y));            // rotation

"Overkill" contains 2 videos (!) - a real time clock and a cubemap ("Yokohama" is already in demo pack FEB 2016).
After 22 seconds "News" appears as billboard and "Suzie" in the tiles. Latter is hard to see, so maximise window.