How can I run GLSL_HACKER and It doesn't generate _geeks3d_glsl_hacker_log file?

Started by asail0712, February 05, 2016, 08:38:14 AM

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It is some way to run GLSL_HACKER , but it doesn't generate _geeks3d_glsl_hacker_log file.


GLSL Hacker is no longer an active project. It has been replaced by GeeXLab (read this: ).

So try GeeXLab. Now if the log file is not generated, try to launch GeeXLab with admin rights. What is your platform (win, linux, osx, rpi) ?


My platform are RPI and Windows.
My question is I don't need to generate log file, but i don't know how to disable log.


ok sorry!

To disable the creation of the log file, just add this command line param:

GeeXLab.exe  /notraces