GeeXLab GPU program live-updater bug

Started by groundhog, November 19, 2015, 09:16:46 AM

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Again with a problem on Windows (tested on 8.1 and 10):

When I open a shader (vertex or fragment, does not matter which), which contains a hash as first character, like this:

#version 120
uniform sampler2D tex0;

the hash is missing in the script editor, like this:

version 120
uniform sampler2D tex0;

So if I just open a working shader and hit ">>execute" I get an ERROR unless I re-insert the hash manually.

I can hack around this behavior by inserting an empty line at the start of the shader, which gets removed too.

Additional inconsistency:
opening a script in the script manager works with a left-click, but in the GPU programs manager you need a right-click.
Just a slight annoyance, which took me a few clicks to figure out.

Again: thanks for the great tool!



Weird, I just tested and it's the opposite: a blank line is inserted at the start. I will check that strange behavior.

And yes, opening a shader code requires more clicks than for a script code. Don't ask me why... ;)