NVIDIA GameWorks VR SDK beta 4 incl. NVAPI 358.70

Started by Stefan, November 10, 2015, 01:50:30 AM

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GameWorks VR has been silently updated to beta 4 and comes with NVAPI SDK 358.70

Ignore the old date stamp on download site  ::)

QuoteNVIDIA VR SLI beta 4 --- 2015-10-19

This package contains the following:
- License.txt:
        Copyright and license agreement.
- NVAPI-SDK-358.70/:
        NVAPI headers and libs; VR SLI API definitions are in nvapi.h.
- NVIDIA_VR_SLI_Programmer's_Guide.pdf:
        VR SLI documentation.
- vr_sli_demo/:
        Demo app that renders Sponza and San Miguel test scenes in stereo using VR SLI;
        also supports Oculus and OpenVR headsets.

System requirements:
- Windows 7 or later
- SLI system with GeForce GTX 650 or higher GPUs
- SLI bridge is optional
- Visual Studio 2013 (any edition) is needed to build the demo app

- Install NVIDIA graphics driver 358.70 or later.
- If using the Oculus runtime, reboot after install to ensure it picks up the new driver version.
- After installing the driver, ensure SLI mode is enabled in the NV control panel:
    3D Settings -> Configure SLI -> select "Maximize 3D performance"

Fixed issues since previous release
- Updated sample app to Oculus SDK and OpenVR 0.9.10.
- Fixed ID3D11MultiGPUDevice::CopySubresourceRegion sometimes returning a bogus
    NVAPI_INVALID_ARGUMENT error (-5), due to a bug in bounds-checking the copy rectangle.
- VR SLI is now compatible with NVIDIA driver direct mode, pre-Win10. (Still working on Win10.)
- Fixed driver crash when setting compute shader constant buffers.
- Fixed driver crash in ID3D11MultiGPUDevice::CopySubresourceRegion.
- Addressed performance issues on Quadro GPUs.
- Addressed premature out-of-memory errors when allocating large numbers of VRAM resources.
- Fixed very occasional heap corruption seen with long-running VR SLI apps.

Known issues
- D3D11 deferred contexts are not fully supported by the VR SLI API.

Contact Info
Please send any questions, comments or bug reports to vrsupport@nvidia.com.  If submitting a bug
report, please note your OS, GPU model, and driver version.

Previous Releases

NVIDIA VR SLI beta 2 --- 2015-08-13

Known issues
- ID3D11MultiGPUDevice::UpdateTiles() is not yet implemented.