Started by Stefan, October 31, 2015, 12:09:35 AM

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NVIDIA VXGI is an implementation of a global illumination algorithm known as Voxel Cone Tracing. Global illumination computes all lighting in the scene, including secondary reflections of light of diffuse and specular surfaces. Adding GI to the scene greatly improves the realism of the rendered images. Modern real-time rendering engines simulate indirect illumination using different approaches, which include precomputed light maps (offline GI), local light sources placed by artists, and simple ambient light.

What's New 

  • Beta release

  • Added support for Direct3D 12 and OpenGL 4.5.

  • In D3D12 mode, VXGI will not use any new hardware features available in NVIDIA Maxwell GPU architecture. These features are used in D3D11 and OpenGL modes, and D3D12 support is expected in one of the future releases.[/l][/l]

  • D3D12 samples failed to initialize with GT 840M