Support for multiple GPU cards on the same host

Started by rmacyn, August 26, 2015, 07:41:58 PM

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Hey Guys,

Does GpuTest support multiple GPU cards on the same host? If it does, how would I run a benchmark test against a specific GPU card? If not supported, what would it take to add support? Would it be possible for me to contribute to the effort?



On windows, multiple gaming GPUs are only supported on SLI or CrossFire setups (with some minor tweaks in the graphics driver control panel). On OSX, virtual screens should allow to run GpuTest on a specific GPU (I wrote an article about virtual screen here: ). On Linux, we can launch the test on a specific GPU (with a correct specification of the display:window parameters if I'm not wrong) but there is no command line param in GpuTest for that and I haven't tested this feature yet...

What is your system?