Msi kombustor test3d= ID needed

Started by Shambles1980, July 04, 2015, 08:14:33 PM

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heyo, i wont bore you with the whys.
Basically i need to know the numbered test3d id for triangle of death.
it is not listed in the start 3d test bat file.

An alternatave if you dont know would be does any one know how to set particle counts for  fractal flame via the command line?

the long and short of it is.
i cant run trianagle of death via a command line because there is no documentation of its test3d id number.
and the alteranative would be to run fractal flame via the command line. but i would want to manually set the particle count before it started. and there does not seem to be a paramiter to set that. but i do know the test3d id for that.



The ID of Triangle of Death demo is 2001.

There is no command line param for the number of particles in the fractal flame test. Maybe in a next release.