ATI Catalyst 9.8 available

Started by Stefan, August 14, 2009, 10:13:04 PM

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Download via AMD's Quakecon report
Version, 15.07.2009
No changelog available, therefore check the list of optimized games & applications.
CompatAFR-1x1.exe seems to be a new generic optimisation?

hl2  SC2_rp  CoJBiBGame_x86  Overlord*  GameClient  ghost_w32  Wolverine  bsp  Fuel  bionic_commando  ElvenLegacy*  grimmgame  flashpoint*  Shift  theHunter*  TLR*  Wolf2  TerminatorSalvation  prototype?  eXperience112  Battleforge  EndWar  SilentHill  cabalmain  Client  WheelmanGame*  CompatAFR-1x1  Unigine  wanted  DragonAge  TS3  DLords  FreeRunning  DOW2  godfather2  arma2  Empire  * scr EE3  MirrorsEdge  cstrike  Tropics  Legendary  fear2*  BurnoutParadise  Prince of Persia  Dead Space  biahh  war3  Mercenaries2  Merc2-Demo  left4dead  Yeti_Final_Win32  FallOut3  CoDWaW*  tru  FF2client  RCT3  trgame  PT2Start  Transformers*  GTAIV  acad  aJewelQuestSolitaire  SeriousSam  FarCry2*  ProjectG  Jewel Quest Solitaire  Flip Words*  File  blacksite  MOHA  TurokGame  crossfire  kaneandlynch  Buildalot2  Legend  thief  GunBound gme SEGA Rally*  HAWX  SpaceSiege  SporeApp  AgeOfConan  tra  Jericho  MEM_7  Stranger  DevilMayCry*  MassEffect  GRID  witcher  mahjongg_artifacts  Studio  Diner_Dash_Flo_On_The_Go  Big Kahuna Reef * Chuzzle  Backspin  AcesOfTheGalaxy  \half-life 2 Demo\hl2  \portal\hl2  \team fortress 2\hl2  \half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2  \half-life 2 episode two\hl2  \half-life 2 episode one\hl2  \half-life 2 lostcoast\hl2  \half-life 2\hl2  \counter-strike source\hl2  \day of defeat source\hl2  \half-life deathmatch source\hl2  \half-life source\hl2  R6Vegas2_Game  AssassinsCreed*  Validator  GH3  xrEngine  FFOW  Settlers6*  MonsterGame  nfs  BA2  DiRT  ForceSingleGPU  TW2008  TW2006  game  SupremeCommander  hl  SpiderSolitaire  Solitaire  PurblePlace  Minesweeper  Mahjong  InkBall  Hearts  FreeCell  chess  R6Vegas_Game  3dsmax*  Crysis*  UT3*  Wargame-g4wlive  hellgate*  SinEpisodes  iw3mp  iw3sp  Matrix  *Stranglehold  Bioshock  wic*  LostPlanet*  sims icd nhl2007  GodFather  pc_matador  AcroRd32  XR_3DA  Scarface  TestDriveUnlimited  mm  Gothic3  HitmanBloodMoney  NWN2*  TW2007  ARX  SplinterCell4  NFSC_demo  NFSC  RelicCOH  starwars_pc  LegoStarWarsII  fifa07*  fsx  primarysurf  CoJ  FEARXP  BF2142*  JustCause*  nhl06  battleofthegods  cccprev  RomeTW*  H5_Game  Condemned  trl  Inventor  Dwm  legends  gt  graw*  sweaw  game dat Timeshift*  nbalive06  oblivion  x3*  gwdev  pop3  USM  BattlefrontII  speedDemo  speed  narnia  white  KingKong*  3DMark06*  RD3  Age3  Suffering2*  Sam2  KingKongDemo*  BOS  CoD2?P_s  Fable  EiB  Sims2EP2  DungeonSiege2  fs9  AFR-FriendlyD3D  FEARspdemo  FEAR  ACTOFWAR*  Ehshell  X2-Demo  X2  tribesv_?pdemo_en  Swat4SPDemo  PandoraMultiPlayerDemo  Sims2EP1  PCMark05  PCMark04  PainGame  Speed2demo  MaxPayne2Demo  FFXiWinBench  FFXiBench  Biademo  Tiger 2004  Snowblind-Demo  Snowblind  BreedSPD  Breed  XPANDRALLY  TV_CD_DVD  TRAOD*  Battlefront  Sims2  ShadowVault  patriots  thrones  Pariah  nba2005  mohpa  GW  pol  Driv3r  DFX  Bia  TechDemo  aquamark  w40k  pop2  FarCry  WoW  EverQuest2  Speed2  Lithtech  Swat4  SwgClient_r  SplinterCell3  Painkiller  MaxPayne2  FlatOutdemo  CMR5  BfVietnam  LockOn  3DMark05  3DMark03  3DMark2001SE  3DMark2001  BF2  Morrowind  TW2005  TW2004  halo  UT2004  UT2003  RD2D  RD2  CT3  pop  RaceDriver  SplinterCell2  SplinterCell