Author Topic: Bullet Physics SDK 2.83 released  (Read 4538 times)

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Bullet Physics SDK 2.83 released
« on: May 08, 2015, 07:18:12 PM »
Bullet 2.83 released on github

You can download the Bullet 2.83 release from github here

See the docs/BulletQuickstart.pdf guide as part of the SDK download.

Some of the features include:
  • A new example browser, based on OpenGL 3+. It is still work-in-progress and not all demos have been ported over yet. Still, it is a better way to explore the Bullet SDK.
  • Import of URDF files, universal robot description files. A URDF file can be imported as rigid bodies (btRigidBody) or as multi body (btMultiBody). See the example browser under importers.
  • Improved support for btMultiBody with multi-degree of freedom mobilizers, thanks to Jakub Stepien. See examples/MultiBody/MultiDofDemo.
  • New btGeneric6DofSpring2Constraint, replacing the old one. Thanks to Gabor PUHR and Tamas Umenhoffer. See the example browser under API or examples/Dof6Spring2Setup.
  • OpenCL demo integrated in the ExampleBrowser. The demo is disabled by default. See docs/BulletQuickstart.pdf how to enable it.
  • Implicit integration of gyroscopic forces. See example browser under API/Gyroscopic for the Dzhanibekov effect.
Please enjoy, and expect improvements in future releases.