Intel Graphics Drivers and GPUs

Started by JeGX, May 07, 2015, 03:39:27 PM

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I start this thread to post screenshots of GLSL Hacker based demos and applications that have issues with Intel graphics drivers.
I also post screenshots of demos that work fine with Intel GPUs!

The last Intel v4170 has some issues (that should be fixed in an upcoming driver version) with MadShaders 0.4.0 (correct screenshots can be found in this page). I tested with an update of  MadShaders (v0.4.1) without change:

- Mobius Balls: the central big sphere is nor rendered

- Bokeh blur: no comment!


- Intel v4170 + Intel HD Graphics 4600 + Windows 8.1 + GLSL Hacker
- demo: host_api/gl-430-arb-compute-shader-particles-ssbo/grid_deformer_v2.xml (Code sample pack )

The demo works fine (245 FPS).


Intel v4206 fixes some MadShaders 0.4.x rendering glitches (see HERE):

- Bokeh blur: OK

- Mobius balls: OK