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NVIDIA NVFlash 5.218
« on: May 06, 2015, 06:16:44 PM »
NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.218)

 - adds support for Quadro M6000 and GeForce GTX TITAN X

Code: [Select]
NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.218)
Simplified Version For OEM Only

Save firmware to file:      nvflash [options] --save <filename>
Display version:            nvflash [options] --version [<filename>]
Check for supported EEPROM: nvflash [options] --check
List adapters:              nvflash [options] --list
Write protect EEPROM:       nvflash [options] --protecton
Remove write protect:       nvflash [options] --protectoff

-- Commands and Options --
help        ?                     Display this screen.
save        b <filename>          Read EEPROM and save to <filename>.
compare     k <filename>          Read EEPROM and compare with <filename>.
verify      h <filename>          Verify <filename> matches EEPROM if flashed.
version     v <filename>          Display file version and ~CRC32
                                     (if no filename, acts on display adapter).
check       c                     Check for supported EEPROM.
list        a                     List all NVIDIA display adapters found in the system.
protecton   w                     Write protect EEPROM (only on some EEPROM's).
protectoff  r                     Remove EEPROM write protect (only on some EEPROM's).
license       <license file>      Provide a HULK <license file>.
licinfo                           Display HULK license content. HULK is provided by --license option.
ecid                              Display GPU ECID.
lspci                             List all the PCI devices.
upgradeonly                       Only allow upgrading of firmware based on version.
overridesub 6                     Allow firmware and adapter PCI subsystem ID mismatch.
Press 'Enter' to continue, or 'Q' to quit.
index       i <index>             Force a specific device index.
pcisegbus   B [<segment#>:]<bus#> Select a specific device by using a specified
                                       segment# and bus#.
    The following format is allowed, i.e. <segment#>:<bus#>:<dev#>.<func#>.
    All numbers are hexadecimal. The segment# can be optional, and has a default value(0) if no input value.
    The dev# and the func# can be omitted for the --pcisegbus command.
auto        A                     When possible, run without user intervention.
silence     s                     Silence all audio beeps.
beep        !                     Beep to signal updating progress.
nolight     l                     Do not light keyboard LEDs.
override    o <level>             Override safety check level:
   default  unknown EEPROM | NV adapter aborts application.
   level=1  unknown EEPROM acceptable for read operations.
   level=2  unknown NV adapter acceptable for read operations.
   level=3  Combined effect of 1,2 (cannot write to unknown EEPROM or adapter).
log         L <log file>          Create a log file.
nopowerchk  p                     Skip power level check
offswdriver S                     Turn off automatic switch driver state.

Use a single dash ("-") to use the single letter version of a command.
Use a double dash ("--") to use the longer descriptive version of a command.
Use equals ("=") to specify parameters, with separating commas (",").

-- Sample Usage --
nvflash --index=1 nv30nz.rom
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