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Mandelbulber V2
« on: April 03, 2015, 10:03:10 PM »
Mandelbulber homepage

Check out related forum for big pictures. I limited the size to 8192x8192 for older rigs.

The Mandelbulb is a three-dimensional analogue of the Mandelbrot set. In reality there are many natural fractal shapes such as clouds, trees, broccoli, and such.
 The Mandelbrot set is two-dimensional. When it was discovered, computers weren't very powerful and so it wasn't possible to render three-dimensional fractals. But nowadays the computing power is thousands of times better. It has opened up many new possibilities.

What is new in compare with old Mandelbulber?
- user interface is based on Qt 5 environment (before was GTK2+)
- instead of separate windows, there is big main window witch all function grouped in movable and detachable docks (View/Save window state stores favorite window configuration)
- most of edit fields has sliders to set value by mouse. Edit fields where range of value is very high, has slider with logarythmic scale.
- new camera-target functionality and navigator. There is possible to move/rotate camera and target separately. 
- new and more efficient algorithm for image refreshing. Now there is not needed to wait until first percent of image is already rendered. New refreshing method is more intelligent and for instant is able to refresh SSAO effect for only latest rendered lines of image
- textures (for background, environment mapping....) has previews
- new setting file format. I know that you will blame me, but in next version will be import function for old Mandelbulber settings (in 95% should be possible to convert)
- every edit field shows tooltip with default value and parameter name which is the same in setting files
- every parameter which is not default is bold
- every edit field in context menu has reset to default function
- new 3D cursor shows coordinates and distance from camera and actual function
- for hybrid fractals there is separate tab to set parameters for each formula
- thumbnails for settings preview are cached