Author Topic: Intel Reveals Unlocked, Socketed Broadwell CPU & Core i7 NUC With Iris Graphics  (Read 3907 times)

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"Intel just wrapped up an event at a location adjacent to the Game Developers Conference where the company discussed some updates to its 5th Gen Core processor line-up, Intel graphics developments, the Intel Hardware SDK, and its various game developer tools.
Chris Silva, Director of Marketing for Premium Notebook and Client Graphics teams, disclosed a few details of a couple of upcoming pieces of hardware. A socketed, unlocked, 65W desktop processor based on Intel’s Broadwell architecture--featuring Iris graphics--is on the way and due to arrive sometime in mid-2015. It’s noteworthy because this will be Intel’s first desktop CPU with Iris Pro graphics and because it is unlocked. It will be interesting to see what Iris Pro can do with some overclocking."