Atmospheric scattering for landscapes and clouds

Started by Stefan, August 09, 2009, 08:18:49 AM

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"Simul Weather" released a new demo.


* Live, realtime volumetric clouds
* Eye-wateringly fast!
* Physics-based cloud generation
* Multi-core calculation with IntelĀ® Threading Building Blocks.
* Realtime weather-changes
* Time-of-day
* Atmospherics for distance fading
* Thunder and lightning
* Clouds you can fly through
* Simple C++ API
* Windows, console versions
* Renderer-independent
* Drop-in sample rendering source code and shaders for OpenGL, DirectX implementations
* Works with any 3D API or engine
* Built-in binary and XML load and save.

Multi-threading via TBB had no impact on my rig though  ???