Thermal Problem With Nvidia

Started by Brenio, April 24, 2014, 01:43:33 AM

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Hi friends, I need a little help, the sensor of my card is reporting wrong values by the system restarts without being hot.
I have a laser thermometer already checked the temperature with it and that's OK.
Have I changed the thermal paste, changed the updated the bios driver in my opinion the best thing to do would be to disable the temperature monitoring or security system that causes the system to automatically restart.
Anyone know if it is possible to disable this system?
I have no choice, the card is discarded as if I open any 3D application it shuts down the computer. I've checked everything that was possible can only be a problem in the sensor. But if I do not think not be losing anything.
Sorry for my bad english
My card is geforce gts450.

This log i make using Furmark  no sucesss :D


Hi friends, I came here to say the result and possibly help some other user in the future.
I asked for help on several forums and got no help, nothing that I solved my problem.
How I would have to play a video card in the trash, I decided to try something more dangerous.
I removed the fan and fan plate and washed all card using a product for cleaning electrical contacts, when I say that was washed washing even hit quite enough product and rubbed with a brush, then blew the plate with an air compressor and left in the sun for a few minutes . Have more than a week she is working normal.
I thank everyone who tried to help me and wasted their time.
Sorry for the bad English again.