NVIDIA CUDA SDK 6.0 RC available to registered developers

Started by Stefan, February 19, 2014, 10:51:41 PM

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QuoteDramatically simplify parallel programming with CUDA 6.0 .

Unified Memory

    Simplifies programming by enabling applications to access CPU and GPU memory without the need to manually copy data. Read more about unified memory.

Drop-in Libraries

    Automatically accelerate applications' BLAS and FFTW calculations by up to 8X by simply replacing the existing CPU libraries with the GPU-accelerated equivalents.

Multi-GPU scaling

    cublasXT - a new BLAS GPU library that automatically scales performance across up to eight GPUs in a single node, delivering over nine teraflops of double precision performance per node, and supporting larger workloads than ever before (up to 512GB). The re-designed FFT GPU library scales up to 2 GPUs in a single node, allowing larger transform sizes and higher throughput.