FurryBall 4.6 - Real-time GPU render released

Started by Stefan, February 08, 2014, 06:40:33 AM

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Quote FurryBall 4.6 for Maya, 3DS Max, standalone and network

Dear FurryBall users,

new version 4.6 with many new features and FREE update for all 4.x users is here.

The main new features we added is Ray traced SSS (with special feature blending texture from the surface into the object), Layered materials (up to 4 layers with alpha masks) and real camera behave Multipass Depth of Field.

From version 4.6 FurryBall also support basic Arnold, Mental Ray and V-Ray materials (Color, Specular and Transparency).

Ray traced shadow terminator problem was fixed.

We also redesigned little bit Render Settings panel. Now you can select method (Raytrace or Rasterize) for specific features.

For compositing purposes we added Shadow catcher and other new passes.

Raytrace preparation improvement - 25% - 50% speed up for the compiling time and half of system memory for raytrace with the latest NVIDIA 332.21 drivers. 25% - 50% speed up for Raytrace on Quadro cards.

We also prepared new more complex benchmark scene for faster GPU ad Multi-GPUs.

  FurryBall 4.6 - Free Version
Free version restrictions

    free version must be activated and reactivated over internet
    watermark is displayed over the render
    the licence NEVER expires
    after 30 days FREE licence works ONLY for 3 hours per day
    free version has NO other limits
    this version cannot be used for commercial purposes
    reactivation is required after each 30 days of usage
    after first internet activation a request for benchmark is displayed
    window with buy information is displayed randomly

In the FurryBall Free version all features of the standard version are enabled.


Thx to GTX 750 TI i don't need 10 GB RAM. However NVIDIA Optix is not yet Maxwell compatible  :P