Author Topic: (Android) The Descent HD - OpenGL ES 3.0  (Read 4888 times)

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(Android) The Descent HD - OpenGL ES 3.0
« on: February 10, 2014, 05:02:57 PM »
The Descent HD

The ancient legends are truthful. But nobody believes it until faced with the trouble.

You choose, forget the past and live regular life or meet the uncertainty. How can one refuse if daughter’s life is at stake? And the past life that you spent and tried to forget all the time disturbs you. The “Book of the Dead”, demonic worlds, portals… All these things seem to be non-existent recently. You cannot but believe your eyes. Because now there’s not only your daughter’s life in danger, but also your soul is between the worlds of the living and dead.

Possibility of the graphic engine Unity 3D can give the fullness of feelings of surrounding world. You will be involved into the mystic story which ending depends on you. The Amazonian jungle, desert, the caves, the afterworld Akat, Europe – all these places you should pass by yourself, because there is no one to help.

Only under OpenGL ES 3.0