GpuTest 0.6.0 crashing on Windows x64

Started by lpcstr, October 28, 2013, 04:12:18 PM

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I just downloaded GpuTest 0.6.0 from and if I launch GpuTest_GUI.exe and click "Run Benchmark" I get "Cross Platform Graphicd Benchmark Utility has stopped working." There is nothing useful in the log file. Oddly enough, if I launch GpuTest_GUI.exe from command line, it works fine.

This is on Windows 7 x64 with a AMD Radeon 5850.


My Radeon testbed is currently busy so I can't check your problem now. Do you have a crash in every benchmark or only in a particular one?


Every benchmark, and like I said, only if I execute it directly from Windows Explorer. If I execute it from Command Prompt, it works.