(Android) Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin THD - Tegra 4 optimised

Started by Stefan, August 04, 2013, 03:07:45 PM

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Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin THD is an action adventure RPG game with various PhysX effects and dynamic scenes.

This game is optimized for Tegra 4 and not only support touch interface, but game controllers and keyboard to provide real gaming experiences.
Also, this game is playable by connecting to TV and bring console game-like experiences to users.

Be a main character and tide over a crisis.

 Differentiated and Optimized for Tegra 4
 High-end 3D quality based on Unity 4.0
 Support touch pad, game controllers and keyboards
 Various PhysX effects supported
 On the boss scene, quarter-view is changed to TPS view
 Dynamic sound effects

I looked forth and back, but saw nothing that requires either a Tegra 3 or a Tegra 4
The 1st screenshot exposes a typical collision bug as seen in many other games before: the sword moves thru the rock