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Nvidia Inspector Beta
« on: July 21, 2013, 01:57:01 PM »
Nvidia Inspector Beta
- inspector now always requires admin rights since nvidia decided
  to accept all overclocking actions just in an elevated process
  enviroment for drivers R325 and above. :(

- changed MDPS startup to make use of TaskScheduler instead of shortcut
- changed "Create Startup Shortcut" feature for clock startup to make use
  of TaskScheduler too ( rightclick "Create Clocks Shortcut" )
  (you have to remove your old startup shortcuts manually)

- added lod bias adjustment for OpenGL
  to avoid black edges in some games while using MSAA (R320.14+)
- added OverrideDefault property to CustomSettingNames structure
- added total card power level (normalized) to sensor monitoring (R314+)
- changed MDPS to run always in legacy mode but with enabled "add by gpu process" feature