NVIDIA CUDA 5.5 Release Candidate Now Available For Download

Started by Stefan, June 18, 2013, 11:26:15 PM

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QuoteCUDA 5.5 Release Candidate Now Available For Download

Optimized for MPI Applications

    Enhanced Hyper-Q support for multiple MPI processes via the new Multi-Process Service (MPS) on Linux systems
    MPI Workload Prioritization enabled by CUDA stream prioritization
    Multi-process MPI debugging & profiling

Guided Performance Analysis

    Step-by-step guidance helps you identify performance bottlenecks and apply optimizations in the NVIDIA Visual Profile and Nsight, Eclipse Edition

Support for ARM Platforms

    Native compilation, for easy application porting
    Fast cross-compile on x86 for large applications

More Highlights

    Single GPU debugging for Linux
    Static CUDA runtime library
    RPM/DEB packaging & new NVIDIA repo