GeForce GTX Titan tested In TessMark, FluidMark and other pro apps

Started by Stefan, April 17, 2013, 06:27:16 PM

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QuoteWe initially had trouble getting the GeForce GTX Titan to work with OpenCL and CUDA. Finally, though, there are drivers available that fix all of that. Now we can figure out if the Titan makes a good workstation-oriented alternative to Nvidia's Quadros.

We covered Nvidia's still-new GeForce GTX Titan in Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan 6 GB: GK110 On A Gaming Card and Benchmarking GeForce GTX Titan 6 GB: Fast, Quiet, Consistent. As a gaming product, we know it to be the fastest single-GPU board you can buy. But how does the vaunted Titan fare in professional applications? It wasn't possible to run a number of tests for the launch because Nvidia's drivers weren't working in most of the non-gaming titles we tried.

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I'm unhappy for Titan benched on GPGPU :(  ??? but Fermi is still better optimized than Titan and Kepler.