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Because there are so many news around the web, the need for a specific forum for these news was obvious. This forum will contain all news found around the web by Geeks3D team. I will choose the most relevant ones and post them on Geeks3D front page. This is a reply only forum for regular members so do not hesitate to comment the news!

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Posting news is restricted to moderators.
Post in general forum; if it's important, i move it to news forum.

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Free automatic 3D reconstruction software from photos 

Acute3D has just launched a new edition of its Smart3DCapture range of software.

 With Smart3DCapture Free edition, everyone can easily turn simple photographs into 3D models that can be published on the internet or printed in 3D.

 You can download this free edition on

 This technology is the one used by Autodesk with 123D Catch.


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