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Started by Stefan, February 01, 2013, 06:05:05 PM

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As i mentioned earlier, Qualcomm Adreno320 powered Nexus 4 became widely available this week.

If sth. differs from NVIDIA Tegra 3, i make a comment above the screenshot.
Screens are stored at Microsoft SkyDrive, i hope they stay there until hell freezes over.
Feel free to request pictures  from any other free and compatible app.

Home screen overlayed with FPS MeterQuick System Info and developer option

OpenGL-ES Info

Desert Winds - Adreno exclusive game demo (requires Snapdragon GameCommand™)
Successor Reign of Amira is not available in Germany atm

Electopia - 2x faster than with Tegra 3

NVIDIA VBO sample @ Khronos - 2.5x faster than with Tegra 3

AlteredQualia postprocessing and skin rendering  sample - blank screen with Tegra 3

ZiiLabs Mandelmark - makes any competitor look bad

Mobile GPUmark - flawless graphics with Tegra 3

Microsoft Aston Martin demo - 2.5x faster than with Tegra 3

Team Dragon - Snapdragon exclusive [Review]

Splashtop in action

Adreno SDK OpenCL sample - black screen atm, hence the catlog

(WebGL) 150000 rotating cubes - fails with Tegra 3

Beats of Fist Adreno Edition

Trinity Kernel Toolbox

PassMark PerformanceTest

Schoener Fernsehen

GLBenchmark 2.5 - 3D benchmark - at least they warn you about vsync limit

Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji Free - vsync limited

Basemark GUI Free - vsync limited

GraveStompers:Zombie vs Zombie - cute looking zombie game

DEAD TRIGGER - "realistic" looking zombie game
Attention: autodetects "low graphics", change it manually  ::)

ImgTec PowerVR SDK v3.0 R2

LevitOn Racers HD

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave - one of the first games using Unreal Engine



The Amazing Fortune Teller 3D

Windmill benchmark - a windmill on a floating island and surreal vehicle
Why does this look familiar to me?

Pinball Arcade

Zen Pinball HD

Remote System Monitor

Shadowgun - water in the background looks not better with the THD version

Samurai Vengeance

Shine Runner

Antutu benchmark 3.1.1 - vsync limited

Quadrant Standard Edition - vsync limited

NenaMark2 - vsync limited

Smartbench 2012 - vsync limited

Bonsai Benchmark

Sleepwalker's Journey

Jet Set Radio

NEED FOR SPEED™ Shift - just tagged incompatible with Tegra 3
If you aint in a hurry, buy it at EA's daily deal.


EA Real Racing 3

EA wants to fill your SD card and released a game that weighs 1.7 GB (!)
It's freemium, i.e. you can start for free and then do IAP like the Koenigsegg for 80 Euro!
Cheapskates have to wait 2 Minutes in the garage.

Reviews @ DroidGamers  and AndroidPolice