Author Topic: LuxRender v1.2 final release  (Read 4918 times)

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LuxRender v1.2 final release
« on: February 28, 2013, 05:51:51 PM »
LuxRender v1.2 final release

Here we are again with a new stable release of LuxRender featuring lots of bug fixes. You are strongly advised to upgrade to this 1.2 version due to the huge improvements in the correctness of the renders in this release. See below for the list of improvements.
Many thanks to all the developers involved in this development cycle, this is going to be a strong base to add the next features like full GPU acceleration. If you have questions, do ask them in our forums, and if you find bugs or want to suggest improvements, do so in our bug tracker so that they don't get forgotten..

The splash screen has been changed to the one submitted by Piita for the v1.0 contest, it finished almost at a draw with the winner, congratulations to him.

Packages or installers for most platforms have been made available from our downloads page. Some exporters have been packaged in the installers depending on the platform, otherwise you'll be able to get them from the download page or the repositories.

Changes since v1.2RC1:
- fix a memory leak in the GUI
- fix display of .flm statistics
- fix rendering artefacts when the scene is very small
- fix for incorrect rendering of environment lights with large black areas
- fix for severe regression introduced in bidirectional rendering when optimizing dispersion code
- fix a long standing bug in bidirectional which made renders with bidirectional appear darker than with path
- fix lots of issues with hybrid path rendering, it should now match normal path rendering
- fix wavelength mutation in metropolis
- fix for image filters having a width less than 0.5
- removed the annoying message box when loading a queue file
- fix display of negative numbers in statistics
- lots of fixes for SLG3