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Started by Stefan, December 26, 2012, 09:13:28 AM

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HTML5 Penguins, Performance, Web Benchmark, HTML5 Test

Thanks for checking out this Internet Explorer Test Drive demo. This demo uses HTML5 and CSS features, including animations, transforms, canvas, callbacks, WOFF Fonts, power efficiency, touch, independent animation, smart fixed position elements, and more to provide an interactive Penguin loving experience this holiday season. Benchmarks are random and this TestDrive is no different. Enjoy!

Score makes not much sense, Microsoft should explain for what the points are given.
I compared some web browsers on Android, every of them has different problems (not only with this benchmarks).

Dolphin - no audio, identified as Safari, 8 points
Opera - only one penguin rendered, test doesn't finish
Firefox Nightly - 0 points
Chrome 18 - technically far behind the Windows version, 1 point


CPU i5-2500K@Turbo Boost and GF GTX 480 296.10WHQL
I got 14950 points at 1920x1200 - IE 10 preview for Win 7 x64 SP1


Only few ponts?! looool  Do you try benchmark on your PC desktop? But PC desktop is recommended.