Author Topic: OpenGL ES Support, Performance, and Features for Android on the Intel Atom CPU  (Read 4642 times)

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Intel for Android* Developers Learning Series #11: OpenGL ES* Support, Performance, and Features for Android* on the Intel® Atom™ Processor

The Intel Atom processor’s x86 architecture is not an issue when developing OpenGL ES applications for Android because the processor provides all of the same features developers expect of ARM-based solutions and more. The architecture of the GPU is much more important for assuring OpenGL ES compatibility across Android platforms and Intel Atom processor’s PowerVR core is the most widely used GPU in mobile devices today. The Intel Atom processor’s combination of best-in-class PowerVR cores with fast floating-point and superior support software for fast AVD emulation and graphics pipeline performance analysis provides the best overall solution for OpenGL ES applications on Android.

atm there are only 2 Android phones with Atom CPU that i'm aware of:
ZTE Grand X IN