Rightware® Unveils the Industry’s Most Disruptive Benchmark – Browsermark® 2.0

Started by Stefan, November 14, 2012, 10:58:04 PM

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New Benchmark Tool Engineered to Measure Browser Performance of Mobile and Embedded Devices

ESPOO, FINLAND – NOVEMBER 14, 2012 – Rightware, the leader in embedded user interface (UI) technologies and benchmarking software tools, today introduced Browsermark 2.0 – a free to use benchmark that was designed from the ground up to measure and compare the performance of any browser on any internet enabled device, including: desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones and more.

In addition to measuring general browsing functionality tests like: page loading and page resizing, and conformance testing for HTML5 and network speed, Browsermark 2.0 also features 4 new areas of testing:  WebGL, Canvas, HTML5, and CSS3/3D.

Well, not "any device" - my old Samsung Galaxy Ace ran out of memory  :P