Author Topic: EVGA Precision X v3.0.4  (Read 8223 times)

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EVGA Precision X v3.0.4
« on: October 17, 2012, 09:05:25 PM »
EVGA Precision X v3.0.4

Release: 10/17/12

    Updated “Adjust Voltage” section – Includes new feature:
        EVGA K-Boost – This feature will allow you to “lock” GTX 600 series cards to Boost Clock/Voltage, even in 2D mode. Some important notes about this new feature:
            If using SLI, please disable SLI prior to enabling this feature, you can re-enable SLI once system is rebooted.
            Please disable EVGA K-Boost before reinstalling, or uninstalling the NVIDIA driver.