AMD Catalyst 12.9 EDG WHQL

Started by Stefan, September 13, 2012, 08:51:04 PM

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AMD Embedded GPU and Chipset Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

This driver adds an OpenCL extension cl_khr_dx9_media_sharing
One OpenGL extension has been removed (i'm too lazy to look up which one)

Quote;----------1209101129-9.00-120815a-146422C-EDG Direct
AMD6763.1 = "AMD Radeon E6460"
AMD6743.1 = "AMD Radeon E6760"
AMD9804.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics"
AMD9805.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics"
AMD9807.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6290 Graphics"
AMD9803.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics"
AMD9802.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics"
AMD9806.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics"
AMD6720.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 6900M Series"
AMD9992.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7420G"
AMD9993.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7480D"
AMD990A.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7500G"
AMD9990.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7520G"
AMD99A0.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7520G"
AMD9991.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7540D"
AMD9904.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7560D"
AMD9907.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7620G"
AMD9903.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7640G"
AMD9913.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7640G"
AMD9901.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7660D"
AMD9900.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7660G"
AMD9910.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7660G"
AMD6819.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series"
AMD6800.1 = "AMD Radeon HD 7970M"
AMD68B8.1 = "ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series"