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Started by Stefan, May 26, 2009, 06:07:49 PM

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The just recently released DX10.1 game Battleforge is kinda freeware now  8)

QuoteYou always wanted to pay a visit to the World of Nyn but couldn't scrape together the fare for the trip? Then you should now start packing your bags because BattleForge is now a Play4Free title!

The BattleForge Play4Free Client, which you can download here, offers you complete access to all areas and functionality of the game, including all content updates (new PvP maps, Renegade Campaign) made available since release.

Along with all functionality of the game, BattleForge Play4Free includes two decks consisting of 32 cards. You can play any scenario in the game, including the Renegade Campaign. With BattleForge Play4Free, you are also able to purchase Booster Pack and bid on cards in the Auction House.

However, you can only offer a card in the Auction House once you have reached level 4 in PvE and level 10 in PvP. Direct trades and sending in-game mail with attachments are also blocked until you reach this experience level.

You tried out BattleForge with the demo? Then it's definitely worth your while to switch over to Play4Free. In the demo version, you could only play a small number of the maps and scenarios available, and you couldn't trade or buy cards in the auction house. Those restrictions have been removed!

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