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Started by JeGX, August 01, 2012, 12:02:56 PM

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Creation Platform is the World's First Dedicated Platform For Building High-Performance Graphics Applications

A video highlighting the power of Creation Platform can be found here: https://vimeo.com/46458060

MONTREAL, CANADA – July 31, 2012 – Fabric Engine Inc, a software company focused on high-performance 2D and 3D graphics solutions, announced today Creation Platform, a framework for building custom, high-performance graphics applications. By providing the major building blocks for tool creation, Creation Platform allows developers to spend less time building back-end architectures, and more time building critical workflows and high-performance functionality into their tools. To see an overview of what's possible, go to http://www.fabricengine.com.

Anyone interested in trying Creation Platform can join the private beta at: http://www.fabricengine.com/products/licensing/.
The Fabric Engine team will be showcasing Creation Platform at SIGGRAPH 2012 in the AMD booth (#709) and presenting twice daily in the OptiTrack booth (Booth #610).

"High-end graphics is one of the most performance hungry domains in computing, but most applications are unable to keep pace with the requirements of exciting areas like simulation and virtual production," said Fabric Engine's CEO, Paul Doyle. "Studios want a development environment with tools that guarantee them the performance needed to fulfill their creative requirements. Unfortunately, current solutions don't provide that performance, and are leaving studios with little choice but to build from scratch, forcing them to invest their time and resources in something that is not their core business. Creation Platform offers an alternative - a framework that gives them the performance they need, and a set of tools that allow them to take full advantage of it."

Creation Platform:
Creation Platform is designed to give studios an easy way to build tools that not only match, but in many cases, surpass the performance of traditional DCC tools. Key benefits include:

•             Performance: Creation is built on top of the Fabric Core Execution Engine, a multi-threading engine designed to get exceptional performance out of both CPUs and GPUs.
•             Modularity: Creation provides a set of building blocks that can be connected together to build a wide range of different applications.
•             Extensibility:  Creation's extension system enables developers to incorporate existing code libraries into their applications. This enables Creation to incorporate things like Bullet Physics and streaming of motion capture data, as well as allowing for support of custom file types like Alembic and LIDAR.
•             Accessibility: The majority of Creation applications are built using Python and Qt. For the critical performance parts of an application, Creation uses a custom Kernel Language (KL), which a simple, high-level language. If a TD or developer is comfortable with Python, they will find KL easy to pick up.

Here's What Beta Testers are Saying:
Mike Romey, Head of Pipeline, Zoic Studios: "I believe that Fabric's Creation Platform will change the way our facility and industry approaches custom tools development.  The Creation Platform allows our developers to rapidly prototype and deploy complex tools quickly and efficiently.  It simplifies the development process by wrapping leading edge technologies into easily accessible scripting libraries for python and pySide. This in turn allows us to reduce our development cycles and iterate tools quicker with more features and functionality.  This improves our agility to respond to any and all production requests. The result generally is a highly sophisticated, well-groomed standalone or hosted application that is multi-threaded for speed. The Creation Platform and its developers are building a development tool that is truly a speed demon."

Michel Murdock, Executive VP at Hybride: "We are very excited about the potential of Creation Platform and look forward to collaborating with their amazing team."

Daniel Gregoire, Owner of Halon Entertainment: "Creation Platform represents new life for Previs as it builds a powerful foundation that doesn't have a decade of legacy code encumbering us from doing the important work of tomorrow."

Grant Miller, Creative Director, Ingenuity Engine : "Proprietary solutions for visual effects used to be reserved for large studios with a dedicated programming team, but with Creation Platform that level of customization and innovation has been opened up to TDs and artists.  The Creation toolset lays a great foundation to build on, handling things like Alembic I/O and Bullet Physics so you can focus on the creative aspects of tool creation instead of implementing libraries."

Albert Cheng, Previs Supervisor, The Third Floor LA/London: "Creation Platform is the graphics app development framework I've been waiting for.  With it's highly optimized core and native multithreading capabilities, it does most of the heavy lifting for me to ensure the fastest processing speeds, while allowing me to focus on building custom applications and tools for manipulating 3D. What makes it really great is that it interfaces through the popular Python language and QT gui framework to allow rapid development with minimal code, thus making it easily accessible to those like me working in film, animation and games."

Creation Platform Examples:
The team at Fabric Engine has created a number of videos to showcase the power and diversity of Creation Platform. Those videos can be seen at: https://vimeo.com/groups/fabric
Creation Platform at SIGGRAPH 2012:
Creation Platform will be showcased at SIGGRAPH 2012. Specific locations include:
AMD Booth: #709
Optitrack Booth: #610

To meet with the Fabric Engine team at the show, please email sales@fabricengine.com.

How To Join the Beta:
Creation Platform is now available via private beta for anyone who wishes to try it out. To join, visit: http://www.fabricengine.com/products/licensing/

For more information about Fabric Engine, visit www.fabricengine.com or send questions via email to info@fabricengine.com.

About Fabric Engine, Inc.
Fabric Engine is a software engineering company founded in 2010 in Montreal, Canada by a group of well-known developers from Softimage and Autodesk. Known for their work on CAT and ICE, the team has a collective expertise in parallel computing, hardware optimization, software architecture, design, animation, rendering and production workflows. They are now applying their collective experience to Fabric Engine and its Creation Platform. Fabric Engine is funded by Real Ventures and is a strategic partner of AMD. For more information, visit: www.fabricengine.com.