Crysis 3 Official Single Player Interactive Demo

Started by Stefan, July 27, 2012, 04:23:19 PM

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Quote Watch The Crysis 3 Interactive Single Player Trailer

We're excited to share the latest Crysis 3 interactive trailer with you, where you decide how to reach your objective in this single player mission!

No matter how you choose to play the trailer, you'll get a taste of some of the features new to Crysis 3. You'll witness the versatility of the Compound Bow in action, which acts as a deadly extension of the nanosuit's capabilities. Unleash a thunderstorm of firepower with the Monsoon.  Rain explosive plasma upon your foes with the X-Pac.  Whether you decide to silently stalk soldiers through the swamp with Stealth, or transform into an immovable object that cannot be stopped by conventional firepower with Armor – Crysis 3 allows you to become the Hunter, and make the tactical decisions that truly matter.

We hope you enjoy the Crysis 3 single player interactive trailer, and look forward to sharing more details about the game with you soon!